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Bicycle rack wall hook

Bicycle rack wall hook

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Product name: bicycle bichon wall hook

Single box size: 17*9*7.5cm

Single sheet thickness: 2.53mm

30 sets each 23.2kg (40*35.2*29cm)

Features: Adapt to all pedals, save space, easy to hang and take without additional assistance

Black: Bichon hook*1, screw glue*6, screw*6, wheel support*2
Black4PC: Bichon hook*4, screw glue*24, screw*24, wheel support*8
Black3pcs set: Bichon hook *3, screw glue *18, screw *18, wheel support *6, multi-function car repairing wrench *1
Black3PC: Bichon hook*3, screw glue*18, screw*18, wheel support*6
Black2PC: Bichon hook*2, screw glue*12, screw*12, wheel support*4
Black2pcs set: Bichon hook*2, screw glue*12, screw*12, wheel support*4, multi-function car tire repair wrench*1

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